Chasing Grace Movie was created by the small independent film company, Catalyst Pictures. This inspirational film came together on a shoestring budget and needed Brand Development that incorporated a Website along with Social Branding. They also needed help with Event Production for several intimate film premieres.



  • We took their simplisitc website and built it up, providing a simple, clean approach, while providing easy navigation,
  • We put the message front & center, allowing visitors to immediately know the theme of the film,
  • Using the filmmaker's stunning visuals, we placed the trailers and images in your face, to show the excellent production value. Note, the ultra-low budget film looks like a million-dollar film [and is being shopped accordingly],
  • Created an easy-to-use communications tool so visitors could gain instant updates to all future communications,
  • Assisted Curb Films (distro company) with:
    1. Product Development: Film, Soundtrack, Web,
    2. Social Media Marketing: Created ancillary marketing tools, Created Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Campaigns to initiate message push, building word-of-mouth and engaging audience participation,
    3. Cinematic Media: Wrote, Produced, Edited subsequent trailers, post-premiere web videos to be used on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread the news.